Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says ‘the more regulation there is for crypto, the better it is for Coinbase’

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said on an Aug. 9 earnings call that the company is keen to see “common sense frameworks for regulation” next year within the United States. Armstrong said there... Read more »

Why is there so much uncertainty in the crypto market right now?

In the fourth episode of Market Talks, we welcome YouTube media creator and crypto educator Crypto Wendy O. Crypto Wendy O is a YouTube media creator and crypto educator. Wendy became interested in... Read more »

Is there a way for the crypto sector to avoid Bitcoin’s halving-related bear markets?

There is good reason to be afraid. Previous down markets have seen declines in excess of 80%. While tightfisted hodling might hold wisdom among many Bitcoin (BTC) maximalists, speculators in altcoins know... Read more »

SEC Drops the Ball on Crypto Regulation and There Are Long-Term Consequences, Says Commissioner

A commissioner with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned that the securities market regulator has dropped the ball on crypto regulation. “We’re not allowing innovation to develop and experimentation... Read more »

SEC to Crypto Companies: There Are Benefits to Self-Reporting Violations and Working With Us

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has revealed that there are benefits for cryptocurrency companies to self-report their violations of securities laws to the regulator. While noting that there will be... Read more »

Nunchuk tells court it will ‘be there to serve’ when the Canadian dollar ‘becomes worthless’

A Canadian court issued a Mareva Injunction against crypto wallet provider Nunchuk, among other intermediaries and individuals, ordering it to disclose user information and freeze any assets related to the Freedom Convoy... Read more »

There could be 1 billion global crypto users by the end of 2022, and more than half will own Bitcoin

The rate of cryptocurrency adoption is growing at an exponential rate. As the market gets more mature, more and more users are jumping onto the crypto train and increasing the global rate... Read more »

Boom or bust? Is there a way for Bitcoin price to hit $100K in 2022?

The internet is filled with Bitcoin (BTC) price forecasts. For example, some analysts believe that the flagship crypto will hit $1 million per coin in the next 10 years, while others think... Read more »

Looking to move? Arkansas will give you $10,000 in BTC to relocate there

The Northwest Arkansas Council announced that it will begin offering $10,000 in BTC to tech professionals and entrepreneurs looking to relocate to the region. This is part of the non-profit’s wider incentive... Read more »

There were more than 100 million tweets mentioning Bitcoin in 2021

The intense bull run Bitcoin experienced this year pushed more than just its price up. As the world’s largest cryptocurrency inched closer to its all-time high, the eyes of the entire world... Read more »