Binance US Delists Crypto Token ‘out of an Abundance of Caution’ After SEC Says It’s a Security

Binance’s U.S. platform is delisting crypto token amp after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared it a security. Another crypto exchange, Coinbase, disagreed with the regulator, arguing that the token is... Read more »

Former Celsius director exposes alleged price manipulation of CEL token

Speaking to CNBC, a former Celsius director said the company was actively involved in manipulating the price of its CEL token. Timothy Cradle spent over two years working at the company. He... Read more »

Shiba Inu to launch SHI stablecoin, TREAT reward token in 2022

Shiba Inu (SHIB) lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has released a new update for the meme coin community on the plans to launch a stablecoin and reward token. SHI stablecoin According to Kusama,... Read more »

Convex Jumps 57% After Token Unlock Provides Bullish Catalyst 

Key Takeaways A recent Convex Finance token unlock has sent a bullish impulse through the Curve Finance token ecosystem. The CVX and CRV tokens have both surged more than 50% since the... Read more »

Celsius Token Up 65% as Traders Pull Short Squeeze

Key Takeaways Celsius’ CEL token has jumped 65% in the past 24 hours due to a combination of retail buying and short covering. The #CELShortSqueeze hashtag has helped fuel the rally by... Read more »

Celsius Token Spikes—Then Crashes—Amid Firm’s Woes

Key Takeaways Celsius’ CEL token soared over 300% today before crashing minutes later. The move may have been prompted by recent activity on a MakerDAO vault rumored to belong to Celsius. The... Read more »

Terra’s New LUNA Token Soars 50% Following Shaky Launch

Key Takeaways Terra’s LUNA jumped 53% today as Binance launched its token airdrop. The new Terra blockchain went live with a LUNA airdrop over the weekend. The fallout from Terra’s historic implosion... Read more »

Kusama Rallies 13% After Crowdloan Token Unlock 

Key Takeaways KSM, the native token of the Kusama network, surged 13.5% Monday. 1.1 million KSM tokens locked up from the network’s first five parachain auctions have been returned to holders. Despite... Read more »

Customers sue Coinbase for promoting and trading the GYEN token

Coinbase customers have sued the exchange over the promotion and trading of GYEN, a stablecoin that crashed. A report unveiled this news earlier today, noting that the lawsuit targets both Coinbase and... Read more »

Ethereum Layer 2 Network Optimism Is Dropping a Token

Key Takeaways The Ethereum Layer 2 network Optimism is launching a token and new governance model. The Optimism team has announced that the token will be distributed via a series of airdrops,... Read more »